Animal Shelter

In August of 2017, Hope Haven opened Paw Haven, a safe kennel for survivors of domestic and sexual violence to house their animals when they are attending appointments, running errands, and working.  The animal kennel was provided through a grant from Red Rover.


Up to 48% of women will not leave their abusers because they fear for the safety of their animals, and over 70% of domestic violence survivors report that their abuser had maimed, threatened, or injured their family pets in order to control the survivor.*


How our Animal Shelter works:

  • Residents are able to keep their animals in the room so long as the animal is not aggressive towards other residents and/or other animals.

  • When a resident/client needs to run errands, attend meetings, or work, the animal can be safely housed in our temperature controlled animal shelter located on our property.

  • Hope Haven works to assist residents/clients with food and toys for their animals. We cannot guarantee food 24/7 for animals, but we do our best to provide it at little to no cost when we are able to.

  • Hope Haven partners with local veterinarians in the community to provide vaccinations for a resident or client's animals.


If you have any questions about Paw Haven, please contact Jenna.



*Statistics from Red Rover


Hope Haven exists to provide safe shelter, concentrated supportive services, community resources, and education to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

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