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Hope Haven offers free licensed counseling to empower survivors to rebuild safe and independent lives while coping with the trauma they’ve suffered.  Through counseling, we provide access to tools to help survivors break the cycle of abuse so they can achieve a safe and healthy lifestyle.


Individual counseling at Hope Haven provides you with the one-on-one attention of a licensed professional counselor.
Your counselor will help you identify life goals, process through difficult emotions, learn ways to change unwanted behaviors and develop a healthy self-image.  All of this is done in a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate environment. The focus is on allowing you to share your story and feel heard and understood so you can begin healing the wounds of domestic and sexual violence.


The support group at Hope Haven is a confidential place for you to connect with, learn from and give support to other women. It is based on the premise that "We rise by lifting others."


You will also have the opportunity to learn about of the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence so you can begin to better understand your experiences. The combination of education and support is designed to empower you as you embark on your healing journey and strive to meet personal goals.


Counseling and Support Groups are offered to emergency shelter and outreach clients who are victims of domestic or sexual assault. You can become an outreach client and learn about counseling services by contacting a case manager at 816.380.2833.



Hope Haven exists to provide safe shelter, concentrated supportive services, community resources, and education to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

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