What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive and manipulative behavior used to control an intimate partner. There are four main types of abuse.


  • Breaking promises or agreements

  • Not taking responsibility for actions

  • Verbally attacking, and publicly humiliating partner

  • Attacking vulnerabilities (language, education, parenting skills, religion, or appearance)

  • Telling partner they are crazy, or undermining partner’s sanity

  • Degrading partner

  • Withholding affection or approval as punishment, or to gain control

  • Threatening to leave, or telling partner to leave in order to manipulate behavior

  • Accusing partner of being unfaithful, or having affairs

Physical Abuse

  • Hitting, pushing, biting, slapping, restraining, scratching, burning

  • Strangling

  • Locking partner out of house

  • Throwing objects at partner

  • Withholding medical treatment or medication

  • Withholding food as punishment

  • Abusing at night to disrupt sleep schedule

  • Using weapons to injure, or kill

Sexual Abuse

  • Withholding sex/affection as punishment

  • Forcing, coercing, or pressuring partner to have sex, or do sexual acts

  • Calling partner sexual names

  • Inflicting injuries to sexual body parts

  • Denying partner access to contraceptives, or protection against STDs

Economic Abuse

  • Controlling all the money

  • Keeping partner from working

  • Forcing partner to support family alone

  • Ruining her credit rating


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